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I guarantee that you are not maximising your results or revenue from email marketing.

I’m Fraser Neilson and I have a system that grows huge customer and prospect lists and then systemises much of the selling.

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Who is Fraser Neilson?

After nearly 30 years (gulp!) in advertising, direct marketing and media buying agencies, and more recently in consulting, I’ve been around since the dawn of the commercial internet.

I’ve helped countless businesses thrive and prosper while managing over £100 million of ad spend over the years and (quite literally!) writing the book on direct response advertising for the IPA.

Now I help ecommerce and expert businesses make the most of digital marketing by making it easy to understand yet powerful in execution and results.

And over the last couple of years it’s been a bit like “Back To The Future” as improving technology and the reality of the importance of owning your own digital assets has made email marketing and list building the key marketing activities once again.

Last year I sent over 10 millions emails, built and managed lists of 100,000s of people and built someone a £1 million run rate business in 3 months starting at zero. And I’d love to help you do the same.

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