Convertbox Review

This is the 2nd Most Important Tool when it comes to email marketing…

it will quite simply explode the opt-ins to your list with zero extra work

It’s the new easy and effective way to capture more email addresses and convert your visitors through smart, beautifully designed on-site forms and pop ups.

Launch personalised offers, lead capture forms and segmentation funnels to the right visitors at the right time with the easiest most powerful on-site engagement platform.

And Here Is a Full Review…To Help You Understand the Power of Convertbox,

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The best reason to add Convertbox toyour library of marketing tools is that it just instantly increases your opt-in rates in my experience. Whereas most email services have optin forms, they are like basic blunt instruments when compared to Convertbox.

Convertbox uses a combination of advanced targeting and display options along with a gorgeous user interface that, quite simply, gets results. I build a lot of lists and some of my ecommerce clients saw their optin rates from cold traffic jump from 6% to 9+% literally overnight. And this is where email capture is very much a secondary goal after getting the sale in these markets.

So if you are getting 60 opt-ins a dat right now then that is likely to go up to over 90.

And that is significant and profitable.

First set of stats – using Klaviyo forms = 6.7% optin rate

Second set of stats – right after we moved to Convertbox with exact same creative format = 9.93% optin rate

So the increase in opt-in rate is 48.2% – pretty good eh?

So if you were previously getting 100 opt-ins a day, now you are getting 148 and you don’t need to be a genius to see how that can change your business performance massively and what might be a losing campaign or one that is at break-even can be transformed into a scalable marketing machine.

And that’s just using the most basic of Convertbox Fly In forms!!!

There are a whole bunch of form styles and types available inside Convertbox and here are the Top 5 uses in my opinion.

1. Basic Fly In / Slide In

So I mentioned this one before and it’s the simplest of pop ups. I say “pop up” as that is the generic terms but this form -and all the Convertbox forms – are a bit more subtle than that. Gone are the days of day-glo spinning pop ups of old that took over and ruined a user experience and often could not be closed easily. These gave pop ups (rightly to be fair) a bad name.

But we are now in the realm of “intelligent” pop ups which can be timed and only shown on certain pages and only for a certain amount of time and only to certain visitors.

We can be very precise as to when these forms and images are shown as you can see below:

You can see it in action by clicking here (opens in a new window)

2. Exit Pop up

The ‘Exit Pop’ is a well known format that has been successfully used by many businesses over time. It is triggered by the site visitor attempting to leave by closing the page / tab / window and this action then launches a pop up of your choice.

This can be used as an alternative to the Basic Fly In option covered in option Number 1 with similar creative being used, or even used in addition to the Fly In as a very aggressive strategy!

The Exit Pop can also be a really powerful tool when also used on a lead capture (or squeeze page) so that when someone does NOT opt in to your list, and then try to leave the page, then they get the pop up with a “last chance / FOMO message of some kind).

You can see it in action by clicking here (opens in a new window)

3. Scroll Triggered Overlay

This type of pop up is triggered once someone has made the move to engage and explore on a site more and scrolls down the page for set %. This can be set at as little as 5% (so almost any scroll movement will set this off) up to 75% or more, when we are into the realms of the “deep engager”.

There is no right or wrong answer on the setting used and it can vary depending on the product or market so that it makes sense and also what kid of offer it is being presented: is it a discount code as per the example above or is it the next stage in a sales process where more in depth information would be the most appropriate next step in a funnel.

You can see it in action by clicking here (opens in a new window)

4. Welcome Mat / Full Screen Overlay

The full screen overlay, or Welcome Mat as it was nicknamed by Ryan Deiss and is now best known as, is a very popular “can’t miss this” option on a site. It is one of these things that is best used on a first ever visit to a site and you are left in no uncertain terms as to what a site is about and why you should join the mailing list.

The settings do allow for less aggressive use than you might first imagine, as it can be set to show only on first visit or until someone has joined your list and so is not quite as “in-yer-face” as you may think!

You can see it in action by clicking here (opens in a new window)

5. Click Trigger Pop Up

This is one of my favourite uses for a pop up and also one of the most flexible, as it can be implemented anywhere you can hyperlink some text!

When this type of pop up is set up, as soon as someone clicks on the “trigger” text which is hyperlinked a form automatically shoots up and presents an opt-in opportunity. These are particularly good when used inside longer form blog posts to capture details by offering an “extended or expanded” version of a post with extra “killer” information not contained in the article itself!

These opt-in incentives are often referred to as Content Upgrades and have been part of my list building strategies for a long time and I can vouch for their effectiveness.

You can see it in action by clicking here (opens in a new window)

Campaign Management

One of the best things about Convertbox is its management capabilities and great analytics. As your business expands it becomes harder to manage when there are often several sites and a few different tools being used at the same time. Many page builders such as Lead Pages or Clickfunnels often come with their own forms of pop up but these are often only usable on a limited number of positions and typically a set number of sites.

Convertbox is extremely flexible and it can act as your ‘opt-in command centre’ and help take a more coordinated view of your business and just generally make it simpler to manage.

And the simplicity side also refers to the analytics that you get in Convertbox. It is key to get good stats and these are very easy inside the Convertbox Dashboard and you can also AB split test forms against each other for testing e.g. images or headlines or incentives.

Even the most basic optin numbers are simple to read and see as per the image below:

And It Does So Much More…

I’ve just covered a few of the specific list building features that I use and there is so much more to this – as a visitor management and lead generation tool – that you can guide your visitors to take your most-wanted actions and maximise visitor revenue to new heights.


As you can see I am a massive fan of this tool and genuinely believe it is an essential for every online business to have, and so as well as making it easy for you to decide and buy (with this review and a simple link to buy!) I am going to add some genuinely useful, exclusive and high value bonuses for you when you pick it up through my link. Please note Convertbox is only available through affiliates at this time.

Bonus 1: Speed Magnets – complete course (£99 value)

Speed Magnets is like a masterclass in list building. The incentive for someone to join your list and enter ‘your world’ is crucial to starting the relationship with a subscriber, which ultimately leads to them becoming your customer.

Getting this bit right can massively save you time and money. Sometimes a simple coupon will do but other times it’s a ‘Buyers Guide’ or a Cheat Sheet or an ‘Email Mini Course’ that works best.

You’ll get the full 12 Part Masterclass plus the 5 Bonus Modules:

We cover 12 different types of Lead Magnets:

  • Infographics/Cheat Sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Checklist/Planner
  • Documents/Forms
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • Email Mini Course
  • Swipe Files/Tips
  • Contendeos
  • Mind Maps/Process Maps
  • Q/A Group Coaching
  • Article Library

Plus 5 Bonus Modules:

Bonus 1. The Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet
Bonus 2: 120 Examples of Highly Effective Lead Magnets Across 10 Popular Markets
Bonus 3: 10 Mistakes People Make With Lead Magnets (And How To Fix Them)
Bonus 4: The Five Fundamentals Of Freemiums That Convert
Bonus 5: 20 Freemium Shortcuts To Make Them Faster, Easier And Better

You can find out more information about my Speed Magnets product at the link below (but don’t buy there – i’ve disabled the links for now anyway!):

Bonus 2: Attract Quality Leads With Content Upgrades (£99 value)

Content Upgrades are a great way to gather email addresses with the help of the ‘Click Trigger’ pop up we talked about earlier. This format is crazily effective on content posts of any kind and can really supercharge the power of a blog post and turn what looks like a helpful, passive article into a stealth list building machine!

Again this is a full course with several components to maximise your results and help you implement this coaching as quickly as possible:

Bonus 3: Autoresponder Emails That Convert (£69 value)

You’ve started gathering email addresses with the power of Convertbox, but how do you optimise the results of the emails that you send them? Well “Autoresponder Emails That Convert” shows you exactly what to do and how to write a sequence of emails that generates sales for you 24/7 once it is set up.

Bonus 4: Magnetic Content Creation (£69 value)

Once you see the power of email marketing and the volume of leads you are getting from your Convertboxes, you’ll want to do even more – and this program shows you exactly what to do to consistently create compelling content the simple way.

Bonus 5: Quick Start Call with Fraser (£89 value)
Strictly limited time introductory bonus

I really want to you to make the most of this tool to power your list building and help to take your business to new heights, so we’ll hop on a 20 minute action call and we’ll get you moving right away.

I can advise you on the best way to make the most of it for your unique business.

But my time is truly limited and this bonus will disappear after the introductory period ends.

The total value of these bonus is £435, or about $590, which more than covers the cost of the Convertbox software itself, so you have everything to gain here!

And Convertbox has a 30 day refund policy so, if for any reason you find it is not for you, you can simply get a refund with my thanks for trying it out AND keep all the bonus I have sent you.

So all that’s left is for you to take a risk free trial of Convertbox now and after you purchase simply email me a copy of your receipt using the contact form here and i’ll get your bonuses over to you.

Click Below to try out Convertbox – you’ll never look back!