The keys to business growth in the digital age are as simple as ever – get traffic, build a list, communicate and build trust with that list, and then sell them (useful, quality) stuff.

Yet as simple as it is on the surface, great complexity can exist in implementing the modern traffic generation and list building systems – and that’s where I can help.

With nearly 30 years in marketing, starting quite literally from the dawn of the internet, I can help you make sense of the data and decide if you should get involved with the latest cool ‘growth hack’ pedalled by a plethora of 22 year old gurus, or do what has always worked and will continue to work in the future: build a list that you own.

Building a list already? Great, but you can probably do better. Watch this free training (was going to be a paid session but you need to know this) and implement what I tell you.

You can thank me later :-).

This methodology works on almost any kind of website (unless it has an alternative monetization method) but is perfect for e-commerce businesses (e.g. Shopify sites) and any kind of expert business (where you are selling knowledge and expertise) as services or products.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are the most local or international of businesses either, the principles remain the same. It was very obvious that it was the businesses who had an email list or at least a social media audience who navigated their way best through the recent lockdowns when all of a sudden there was no physical trade to sell to.

In times of rapid change the benefits of an experienced hand can be needed more than ever so, if you think you might need my help, then feel free to get in touch.